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Cooperation with the Arbitra Law Office

The Arbitra Law Office is seeking partners for mutual legal assistance in the Republic of Poland and abroad.
We offer our assistance in providing your clients with legal support in the Republic of Poland, including in particular any disputable cases to be handled before courts and offices, mediation and assistance in negotiations, debt recovery and interpretation of sometimes complex and dynamically changing Polish laws.

Simultaneously, we expect reciprocity in providing legal support to our clients in your territory so that both our and your clients receive prompt, efficient and professional legal support with no need to take tiring and time-consuming trips.

We believe that such mutual cooperation will allow to extend the range of services offered by both parties on this competitive and dynamic market of legal services.

If you are interested in cooperating with the Arbitra Law Office, please contact us by sending a letter to our postal address in Łódź or by e-mail on:

- Job for legal assistants:

People interested in permanent or part time cooperation with our office, who are legal adviser assistants or attorney assistants, are welcome to join us.
We expect candidates to demonstrate good knowledge of the lawyer's job specifications, a fluent command of the legal language both oral and in writing, analytical thinking, wide personal culture, self-discipline and work organization.

Candidates applying for the job are requested to e-mail their CVs and applications to:

- Traineeship/Placement:

Our Office meets expectations of young lawyers giving them an opportunity for gaining professional experience in legal environment being an important element of professional life nowadays.
Consequently, our Office makes it possible for graduates of law studies to undergo professional traineeship and offers placemets to students of the 4 th and 5 th years of studies.
As we have numerous applications filed, we reserve a right to select candidates for traineeship or placement.

All persons interested in applying are requested to e-mail their applications to:





Arbitra Law Office, ul. Struga 32 lok. 11; 90-501 Lodz; tel. +48 42 637 71 70 fax. +48 42 637 71 70